CBSE Improvement Exam 2016

Just like every year, CBSE will be conducting CBSE Improvement Exam in 2016. The schedule and important dates of CBSE Improvement Exam 2016 have already been published by us in detail, you can click here to read them. It has all the information from CBSE Improvement Exam forms to admit cards. We will sum up the basic information of improvement exam for you in this one article and include links for further reading at the bottom. Please read all of it.

CBSE Improvement ExamCBSE Improvement Exam can be given even for 1 subject if the student wishes, however we advise you to give it in all 5 subjects and we have a detailed article explaining it, click here to read it.

There are a few requirements that are mandatory if a student wishes to appear in the CBSE improvement exam 2015 for one or more subjects: Continue reading

Scholarship by to the highest scoring student appearing in CBSE Improvement Exam

We, at are announcing a brand new scholarship award namely Scholarship to the student who scores the highest in the CBSE Improvement Exam 2015 and each year afterwards. The scholarship amount is Rs. 1000 INR for the year 2015 and will hopefully increase in future years.
The rules and eligibility for the Scholarship: Continue reading

Center information for CBSE Improvement Exam 2015

Students who applied for CBSE Improvement Exam 2015 can check their CBSE Improvement Exam center on official CBSE website of through the form below:

Again, The students who applied for CBSE Improvement Exam from Delhi region will have to collect their admit cards from their respective examination centers and students from rest of the regions will receive their admit cards by post.

Students can also check their details on the official CBSE website by visiting and check the front page for the link. However, we have already embedded the official CBSE form for checking the CBSE improvement Exam center and you will get the same results using the form above. For information on CBSE improvement exam admit cards 2015, click here. For constant updates on CBSE improvement Exam subscribe to this website via email and like our official facebook page.

CBSE Improvement Exam centerIf you have any any further questions, related to CBSE improvement Exam center, ask us using the comments section below.

CBSE Improvement Exam Admit Cards 2015

CBSE has not yet issued the CBSE Improvement Exam Admit Cards 2015 for most of the students who applied for CBSE Improvement Exam for the year 2015. The students who haven’t yet received their admit cards don’t need to worry, CBSE will issue them around mid February. There is nothing to be worried about for your improvement exam admit cards, CBSE is always late with admit cards. We have seen and experienced this for years.

If you have a letter from CBSE regarding your examination center, then you need to inquire your examination center about admit cards. Otherwise, CBSE will post them to your address. If you don’t recieve your admit cards by 20th February 2015, please visit your regional CBSE Office. Click here to see List of regional CBSE Offices in India and click here to see an image of the CBSE confirmation letter.


CBSE Improvement Exam Forms 2015 – All regions download

The CBSE Improvement Exam forms 2015 are finally made available through the CBSE website for all regions. You can download the forms now for Delhi scheme, Delhi-All India scheme, Allahabad, Ajmer, Dehradun, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Panchkula, Trivendrum, Chennai & Patna regions. The 1st date for submitting the improvement exam forms is 15th September 2015 without any late fees. The fees for improvement exam is the same as last years, you can check the fees structure in this link.

Download links:

1.Allahabad Region : Class XII   |   Class X
2.Ajmer Region : Class XII   |   Class X
3.Dehradun Region : Class XII   |   Class X
4.Bhubaneshwar Region : Class XII   |   Class X
5.Guwahati Region : Class XII   |   Class X
6.Panchkula Region : Class XII   |   Class X
7.Trivendrum Region : Class XII   |   Class X
8.Chennai Region : Class XII   |   Class X
9.Delhi Region :   |   All India Scheme Class XII   |   Delhi Scheme Class XII   |
All India Scheme Class X   |   Delhi Scheme Class X
10.Patna Region : Class XII

You have to deposit your forms at your respected CBSE Regional Offices. Please note that your examination region cannot be changed and if by any mistake, you send your forms to any other region, your form will not be accepted nor your fees will be refunded by the board. So please check all things out before sending your forms. Other details can be checked on this link. (Contains links to all posts related to CBSE Improvement Exam).

CBSE Improvement Exam 2015

CBSE Improvement Exam 2015 is like a golden chance for students who appeared in CBSE board exams in 2014  and are looking to improve their result. There are a few requirements that are mandatory if a student wishes to appear in the CBSE improvement exam 2015 for one or more subjects:

  • The student must be from CBSE Board (If you are from other boards, there is NIOS)
  • The student must be passed in all the subjects.
  • The student can appear for improvement exam next year only, means you only will appear for CBSE improvement exam in 2015 for the CBSE board exams you gave in 2014 this year.
  • The student must not have any compartments/reappears in order to appear in the improvement exam 2015.
  • The student cannot engage in any higher studies in the mean time.
  • The student cannot appear in improvement exam for the additional subjects.
  • The student can appear for one subject or all subjects in the improvement exam, depending on his will and result.

Again, since it’s not the first time CBSE is conducting the Improvement Exam we have plenty of articles on the topic. A few helpful links to articles are as follows (Links open in new window/tab):

At last, I advise students to appear in all 5 subjects for the improvement exam if they can. If you are thinking to appear in less than five subjects for improvement exam, make sure you tell us why in the comments section below so that we can help you make your decision. The CBSE improvement exam 2015 forms will be made available in July end/August 2014. Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter Subscription to get updates about the CBSE improvement exam forms availability.

In case you have any other queries regarding CBSE Improvement Exam 2015, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

We have employed more moderators to answer your queries immediately. If you want to contact us for any other queries, our contact details are on the Contact Us page.

CBSE Improvement Exam Admit Card 2014

Although 99% of the students already got their admit cards already, there are a few students who still haven’t received their admit cards yet. Those stuents should contact their examination center first, then CBSE regional office. The examination center will give your admit cards by checking the confirmation letter that you received from CBSE. If the examination center does not have your admit card, then you may contact your regional CBSE office as soon as possible.

The same applies for candidates appearing privately in the 2013 examinations. There should not be any problem as we have seen from past years, students receiving their admit cards 2-3 days before the examination.

You may check your examination center here:

CBSE Improvement Exam Forms 2014 – All regions download

CBSE Improvement Exam 2014 forms are now available for purchase all over India. Students can get the forms from regional CBSE Offices or from a few selected syndicate bank branches. Students can purchase the form or they can download it from CBSE’s Website. Links to the 2014 forms are given below:

Delhi Region : List of Banks From Where Form Can be Obtained/Deposited (Only for Delhi Region Candidates)
Allahabad Region : Class XII   |   Class X
Panchkula Region : Class XII   |   Class X
Patna Region : Class X   |   Class XII
Chennai Region : Class XII   |   Class X
Bhubaneshwar Region : Class XII   |   Class X
Ajmer Region : Class XII   |   Class X


The last date to submit the forms and the fees details are explained in this post.

CBSE Improvement Exam 2014

Just like every year, CBSE will be conducting CBSE Improvement Exam in 2014 for the students passing this year. You can read all the details about CBSE Improvement exam here in this post (Opens in a new window).

Most of the students appearing for improvement exam just to increase their percentage for the JEE 2014 examination, and it’s now official that one can appear in JEE with improvement exam marksheet only if he gives improvement exam in all the subjects and the eligibility criteria will remain ‘top 20 percentile of the successful candidates’ in their Boards, category-wise. For more information on relation between CBSE Improvement Exam and JEE, read this post (Opens in a new window).

Here is a quick overview of the basic details of CBSE Improvement exam but we suggest you to read full details on the first link to know about cbse improvement exam in depth.

For further queries, leave a comment below or you may directly contact us (Contact details are available here).