This website was started on 16th march 2011 in order to provide students all information about CBSE improvement exam, CBSE private exam and NIOS (open school) exam on a single platform. The website was first released as a blog on Google blogspot i.e., the blog got some 86k views and by some funding, the website got its domain name on 1st October 2011 which it’s on now The website was shifted to a new platform by November 2011 as some users faced difficulty commenting on posts and could not get to know if their query is solved or not. The new website gave users new features like now users can subscribe to comments on posts via email, create topics and discuss on forums, easy to comment platform and the most important – A fast and simple user interface. The website is updated daily and now got more stuff other than improvement exam like sample papers, mock test papers, study materials, free online classes are only a few to name. If you want to help and support this initiative, visit or email us at