CBSE as private candidate (class 12th)

Here are the details for students who wish to give CBSE board exams of class 12th as private candidate:-

A student may appear in the CBSE Board Examination as  private candidate. The candidate does not have to attend regular school classes and exam is conducted along with the regular candidates.

To appear as a private candidate students have to fill the application form for private candidates with date of commencement exam 1st march. The forms are available from mid August till mid October.
The form is available at syndicate bank branches in CBSE offices and in some other syndicate bank branches, list of all syndicate bank branches can be seen here.
The images of the form, instruction booklet and bank challanare given below for reference only :-

If you have a query regarding appearing as private candidate, you can ask in the comments section below.

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  1. om tryambakam yajamahe shantim pushtivardhanam
    urvarukamivavandhanan mrityormukshiyamamritam.

  2. i failed in physics 2015 cbse and again failed in compt. … i applied for improvement for all subjects …so my question is can i miss my english and physical exam ? my previous marks will be added ? this year ? please help..?

  3. If you had failed in physics,then after passing school,don’t opt for Physics in Higher Education

  4. Hello,
    I failed in my class 11th in humanities stream in two subjects and I am told to repeat class 11th by the school .But I am just not in favour of repeating class 11th. Can by appearing as a CBSE private candidate in class 12th board examination have a bad effect in future?Also will I get admission as a regular student in DU? Well also I would be doing private candidate from the school in which I am presently studying …so how about the practicals as the school authority said if I am appearing as a private candidate they will not take responsibility of anything…..PLZ help me clear my doubts…

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