CBSE Improvement Exam-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s and details)

FAQ’s about CBSE Improvement Exam :-
Q : How many times can a candidate appear for Improvement examination?
A : For improvement examination only one chance in the succeeding year is permitted.

Q : Is a student required to appear in all subjects in improvement examination?
A : No, the student can appear in one or more than one subject(s) as per his/her choice. However, improvement exam. can be taken only in the successive year of passing Class XII exams.

Q : Can a candidate simultaneously appear for Improvement as well as Additional subject examination?
A : No, a candidate appearing for Improvement in one or more subjects cannot appear for additional subject examination simultaneously.

Q : Can a candidate appear in CBSE Improvement Exam in one subject only?
A : A candidate who has passed Class XII examination of the Board may reappear for improvement of performance in one or more subjects in the main examination in the succeeding year only. The candidate may appear privately, those re-appearing for whole examination can also appear as regular candidate if admitted by the school.

  • For subjects involving practical work, if the candidate has passed the practical examination, he or she will be allowed to appear only in theory part.
  • Only a statement of marks is issued by the Board after the improvement of performance.

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  1. kindly give me contact no (Mobile No.) which person are related to CBSE improvement exam 2015-16

  2. if a candidate fill the form for improvement test and do not appear for the exam, what marks will be shown in report card then??

  3. sir please tell me..can a student having two marksheat give both of them for technical entry scheme in army.

  4. I am a CBSE class-XII(Commerce) private candidate. I attempted for the second time in March 2016 examination and my result has been declared as compartmental as I could not pass in one subject. Whether I am eligible to appear in the next July/August compartmental examination?

  5. Where do i get the new marksheet if i appear for improvement exam the centre where i give exam or the cbse head office?

  6. i am planning to appear for improvement exam….but when i tried to apply online the message i see is THE LAST DATE IS OVER…how ever it has been written that last date for applying is september 2016…please let me know…can i apply online still ? and by which date ?…further please which marks will be considered in case i secure less marks in improvement

  7. Q.what will be the difference between the marksheet of the person appeared for all subject or some subjects(not all)??
    Q. In which places the improvement mark sheet is accepted??

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