CBSE Improvement Exam

CBSE Improvement Exam is a way to improve your class 12th result by giving the CBSE Board exams again next year. Students can give improvement exam for one subject or all five subjects, Although we strongly suggest students to appear in all five subjects because of JEE rules regarding improvement exam and a few more reasons, click here to read more. Students cannot give improvement exam for additional subjects and practical examination marks will be carried forward. Students will have to prepare only for the theory part. The exam dates and question papers is same as regular CBSE board exams and you get a whole year to prepare for the exam, read more about CBSE improvement Exam in detail.

CBSE Improvement Exam Forms:

The forms for improvement exam are made available from July of every year. Students can get their forms from syndicate bank branches in CBSE Regional offices. List of regional CBSE offices is here. Students can also download the forms from CBSE website and print and submit to their regional CBSE offices. you can submit the form by post also.

How to apply for CBSE Improvement Exam:

  1. Decide in which subjects you wish to appear in the CBSE improvement Exam.
  2. Wait for the application forms to come (usually mid August)
  3. Fill the form and submit to CBSE along with exam fees.
  4. Wait for CBSE confirmation letter to come, this is how the letter will look. (usually January)
  5. Check your examination center on CBSE official website or on this website. (usually January end)
  6. Wait for reception of your admit card by post or get it from your examination center. (usually mid February)
  7. Wait for result to be declared. (usually May end)

Last date of application for CBSE Improvement Exam:

The last date for application is September 15th without any late fees. With late fees, the last date is January 5th. Check late fees here.

CBSE Improvement Exam datesheet and question papers:

The datesheet and question papers of improvement exam is same as regular students. the students giving improvement exam will be given same question papers as regular board exam students. There is no bias between regular CBSE board students and CBSE Improvement Exam students.

Preparation for CBSE Improvement Exam:

This is the main problem with students appearing for improvement exam. They don’t have enough guidance for the preparation of the exam since they will not be going to regular school to study for the exam. The solution to this is either getting regular classes from a private tutor and study for the exam regularly.

We are also working on developing study material specially developed for CBSE improvement exam. We will notify all students subscribers as soon as we release it.

CBSE Improvement Exam result and marksheet:

The result of improvement exam will be declared on the same date as regular board exam and on the official cbse website.Students appearing for improvement exam will only receive a new marksheet, not a new passing certificate. Click here to know why.

More information about CBSE Improvement exam:

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