Merits and Demerits of Improvement Exam

CBSE Improvement Exam has its own merits and demerits. On one hand, ff a student scores improved marks in all the subjects he/she filled for improvement, there is no need for combining two marksheets but if the student is unable to score better marks in CBSE Improvement Exam, then he have to present both marksheets wherever required.

The CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet is different from the regular board marksheet since “APPEARED FOR IMPROVEMENT” is mentioned on the CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet.

Another demerit is that the CBSE Improvement exam marksheet has only the subjects in which the student has appeared for improvement, not the previous subjects.

Despite of these demerits, CBSE Improvement exam has its own benefits in improving the result of a deserving candidate in case he/she was somehow unable to score well in the regular board examinations.

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    if I appear for improvement exam then can I fill up the form of aiims & all other PMT’s
    please reply as soon as possible

    • Punit Jain

      Ya you can fil the desired form’s .

  2. lavanya

    If a student scores less marks in the improvement exam as compared to the board exams given before, then which marks will be considered while admissions, the higher ones or the new ones? Do reply. Thank you

  3. Saurabh Pathak

    If a student scores less marks in the improvement exam as compared to the board exams given before, then which marks will be considered while admissions, the higher ones or the new ones?

  4. kajal

    if i score less than my board exam marks in improvement exam which marks will be considered in jee mains 2015 oider ones or new ones ?

    • kajal


  5. shubham

    if i have got increased mark in 4 subject but the marks in 5 subject decrease so
    which would be admitted

    example- i have 94 marks in chemistry in 2014 but in improvement exam 2015 igot 80 so which would be counted further

  6. akash singh

    sir is there any disadvantage of improvement exam as there it is mentioned….which would be problematic for college selection

    • kushan deepta saha

      answer pllease.

  7. Priya

    I have appeared for only 3 subjects in improvement examination and now i have 2 marksheet for class. Will the multi national companies accept these 2 marksheet for calculating the percentage of class 12 Please reply me


    Will improvement mark sheet be generated if i have filled improvement form, but not given any exam.
    And what will be result, will i be declared as FAIL?

    • Admin

      yes, but your previous marksheet is still valid.

  9. kush

    Sir i passed class 12 in 2013 and appeared for improvement exam and passed improvement exam in 2014 so sir which year i write as a passing year in any college application form or in any competition exam form where i also have to give my board roll no. , in short sir WHICH YEAR I WRITE AS A PASSING YEAR 2013 OR 2014 pls help me sir

    • Admin


  10. shravan

    If I failed in improvement exam below 35% then what I have to do can I use my older results in which I have passed

    • Reetish Shukla

      yess shravan you can use your old marksheet..

    • Admin

      yes you can

  11. Reetish Shukla

    sir,I have filled form for all five sub..
    what heppen if I got good marks in 4 sub but got less mark in 1? which marks is on my improvement result?
    & what if I fail in 1 sub…
    I need your advice.

    • Admin

      your new marksheet will have only the new subjects in it, so if you dont appear or fail, they will show absent or fail. Although the best marks of two marksheets are counted.

  12. anurag

    if i aapear in cbse improvement exam then in marksheet of improvement exam will contaion all subject marks or only those subject in which i had improvent .

    • Admin

      only improvement marks

  13. omi

    sir i wnt to knw dt this year ill give improvemnt exam in all the five subject but due to some reason ill not give exam in 1 subject…what is the consequences this jee main counselling…

    • Admin

      You will not be eligible any more.

      • omi

        sir how can i eligible.

  14. hemant kumar

    Sir, i wanted to thank you for guiding us so properly but i want to know whether the students from improvement exams will be given some disadvantage in jee like less % or something like that and whether they will get admissions to IIT’s or NIT’s.

    • Admin

      You’re welcome :)
      No, there’s no partiality or biasing for normal CBSE students and improvement exam students.

  15. neha naaz

    sir i gave the improvmnt in maths ,if i fail in xam den i can I use my old mrksheet…n get admission for bca in any collge??

    • Admin

      yes you can

  16. kr. gaurav

    sir, really thanks for guiding us…… i want to ask that i know that my exams were not well this year, 2015… so i want to give improvement next year…. how will it affect my further college counsellings or campus selections???? please guide me……..

    • Admin

      It won’t affect anything, It’s CBSE exams. I replied to your other comment also

  17. Shubham

    does it have any disadvantage carrying a improved marksheet during councling(for jee & others)?

    i am student of session 2014-15 and i know that i would get 80+ in all except Maths in which i am expecting 45 only so i was thinking of giving an improvement.

  18. Shubham

    do i have to give improvment for all subject to get a new marsheet
    i heard that only those student appering improvment in all will be allowed to procced
    please help me out

  19. Aniket Patra

    Is there anything like that, ” i have appeared for improvement exams so i am a poor student??” Will the colleges take this exam like this?

    • Admin

      Lol, there’s nothing lke that. Don’t worry. We have helped thousands of students on this website and none of them had any problem.

  20. Ashutosh

    Sir, If I will be able to improve my performance in the improvement exam, then can I get admission in good colleges? Can college demand the previous year marks sheet?

    • Admin

      Yes you can, your previous marksheet will not be needed in case of JEE

  21. abhishek tiwari

    sir i have given improvement in 5 sub
    but i think i will improve in only 3 of them
    will the marksheet display my improvement
    marks or the best marks of previous year board and

    • prithviraj

      no you will only get your present marks. you will need to show both marksheets whenever required. but ofc your best of the two will be counted

    • Admin

      yes, both.

  22. Sachin

    Are CBSE improvement exams valid for AIIMS admissions sir in cbse main exam i got 55% marks but after giving improvement i got 67% in pcbe.but in improvement exam of chemistry i got fail in pls tell me answer about the following questions aiims consider my improvement exam marks aiims consider my main cbse exam marks or improvement marks in chemistry

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