Merits and Demerits of Improvement Exam

CBSE Improvement Exam has its own merits and demerits. On one hand, ff a student scores improved marks in all the subjects he/she filled for improvement, there is no need for combining two marksheets but if the student is unable to score better marks in CBSE Improvement Exam, then he have to present both marksheets wherever required.

The CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet is different from the regular board marksheet since “APPEARED FOR IMPROVEMENT” is mentioned on the CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet.

Another demerit is that the CBSE Improvement exam marksheet has only the subjects in which the student has appeared for improvement, not the previous subjects.

Despite of these demerits, CBSE Improvement exam has its own benefits in improving the result of a deserving candidate in case he/she was somehow unable to score well in the regular board examinations.

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  1. shahrulh saifi

    sir,if we applied for the improvement exams are we still eligible for the jee mains….?

    • Shaswat

      yes you are eligible for appearing in JEE MAINS, only if you appear for all five subjects or for only four subjects in your improvement exam.

      • avinash

        I passed 12th from cbse board in 2014 with 75%. I got less marks in maths. I am a IIT/NIT aspirant, so need to appear in improvement exam in one subject(maths) only for crossing 80% ,will i be still eligible for JEE mains ?

        • Rjnish

          No ur not eligible u have to appear for all five subjects to get eligible in jee main & BITSSAT.

  2. Ajay

    Hello sir Maine 2005 m 12 th ki thi and 2006 m improvement ke liye exam diya tha 3 papers ke liye.jisme she ek maine diya nahi tha ek m decrease ho gaye the or ek m increase ho gaye .
    Par maine apne purane mark sheet waale hi show kiye the college m
    Ab govt. Job ke liye koi problem to nahi hogi verification m
    Plzz reply

    • Rjnish

      For any job u have to present both the mark statement this is also a demarit of cbse improvement exam

  3. Nia

    Sir, I want to give improvement exam for two subjects only, then how will i present my marksheet..?? can these marksheets be merged for future refrence of any authority??
    or which marksheet will i show everywhere?? its very imp. for me sir, please advise me.. and how i go on for my college, it would take off an year….would a marksheet be formed which will have marks of all 6 subjects, replacing the lesser ones…??

    • Rjnish

      The improvement mark sheet will contain only 2 subjects which u have applied for improvement so better apply for all five subjects.


    Sir I’m in a big confusion whether to give improvement or not because if I can get new marksheet approved by cbse without any scars on it that I have given improvement than I’ll appear for improvement or else I’ll not.

    Quick reply is expected

    • Rjnish

      It will have scar in block letters “APPERED FOR IMPROVEMENT”

  5. Prasoon Kumar

    I Got 60% In Cbse 2014.I’m In Great Confusion.
    Should I Give Improvent Or Not?
    Is The Improvement Result Is Valid In Big Universities Like Delhi University.

  6. Sandeep

    Sir main up board se 12th hoon maine jee mains me marksheet upload nahi kar pai hai mughe koi solution bataye

  7. Suraj

    Improvement ke marks sheet kaise mileage

    • Shaswat

      CBSE will send you at your home address,written by you while posting you application forms. and results will reach you in mid June or max to max till June ends.

  8. priyesh bhandari jain

    i am inter 1st year student priyesh my hall ticket no is 1422128272.I wrote all subject improvement exam but my two subject mark(chemistry and english) is not added up in the total ( *P – Supp. Pass) so please give me a way to ask the board incharge or paper corrector to ensure to enroll my mark.

  9. abhinav

    sir i gave the improvement exam in physics and maths, where my marks in physics were increased but i failed in maths. Then which of my marksheet will be considered. Can i apply both marksheet for my interview in it companies.

    • Rjnish

      Yes u have too..

  10. ANUJ

    sir i have given improvement exam in 2014 i improved in all 3 subjects (math, english and chemisrty) so now which marksheet i will give or governmentt jobs

    • Rjnish

      Improved mark sheet..

  11. ANMOL

    Is it possible that by one side i fill the improvement paper in maths and other side i start doing my in college?? please do tell me,….

  12. Shivram

    i have passed my 12th this year and i have got 69.2% in total and 60% in PCM respectively.
    if I am applying for IIT JEE mains exam, whether i have to give improvement exam for all subjects or i can choose between them!

    Suppose i gave exams for all the 5 subjects of my boards syllabus and in two sunjects my marks increased and in three my marks decreased.
    So how the marks will be calculated?
    will they decrease the marks of the papers in which i didnt perform well or they will leave it as it was earlier before


  13. om chauhan

    I wanted to clear one doubt.
    I have appeared for jee main in 2014 and scored 210 marks and appeared hsc exam in 2014.
    I am giving improvement exam for hsc in 2015 .
    Will my 2014 jee main marks will be considered for admission in maharashtra state engineering colleges in 2015 or i have to reappear for jee main in 2015?

  14. Mini

    Sir, I want to repeat jeemains to get admission in good nit,iiit or iit.for this I also want to improve my class 12 English and maths marks so that I can improve my ranking.For this I want to know the procedure of filling foms.shall I have to fill the form from my school.And by doing so if I will get the benefit. My maths marks were 85 and English marks were 75. Please guide me in the right direction.
    With thanks mini

  15. Thutan wangchu

    SIR, is improvement exam marks accepted in medical entrance examination.

    • Admin

      They are to be accepted everywhere.

  16. twinkle

    Sir,I appeared for my board examination this year but I got ill during the last two exams and so I couldn’t perform well which decreased my %age.
    I’m willing to give the improvement examination next year . so will I be eligible for the IIT JEE Mains 2015 if I appear for improvement exam of those 2 subjects? Or will I have to give all 5 subjects again ?

  17. Prasheel

    Is There any Disadvantage of The Scar APPERED FOR IMPROVEMENT in Taking Addmission in Collages..??
    Plzz Reply Me Fast

  18. K SWATHI

    i am in a big dilemma whether 2 give d improvement exam or not….cos i scored bad only in maths and physics…the marks being 67 and 68 respectively! can i be giving improvement only for these 2 subjects to be eligible for giving mains next year…?

  19. kushal garg

    Sir, i have got 84% overall but still cant be admitted in du hons, shud i give improvement??
    If yes then what are the terms and dates to remember..
    Also tell about the procedure..
    Any link wud be helpful too..

    Early rply is important.

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