Merits and Demerits of Improvement Exam

CBSE Improvement Exam has its own merits and demerits. On one hand, ff a student scores improved marks in all the subjects he/she filled for improvement, there is no need for combining two marksheets but if the student is unable to score better marks in CBSE Improvement Exam, then he have to present both marksheets wherever required.

The CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet is different from the regular board marksheet since “APPEARED FOR IMPROVEMENT” is mentioned on the CBSE Improvement Exam marksheet.

Another demerit is that the CBSE Improvement exam marksheet has only the subjects in which the student has appeared for improvement, not the previous subjects.

Despite of these demerits, CBSE Improvement exam has its own benefits in improving the result of a deserving candidate in case he/she was somehow unable to score well in the regular board examinations.

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  1. Sir, I scored 81.6% in CBSE 2013. I went for improvement and scored 90.6% but my question is that after having my improvement mark sheet would my passing year changes or remains same? During my admissions in B,tech they said to me that if I use my improvement mark sheet I have to write 2014 as my passing year when actually I am 2013 pass out. I dropped a year.

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