Which subjects to opt for improvement exam? – CBSE Improvement Exam Subjects

If you are going to give CBSE Improvement Exam then you may already know that CBSE gives you an opportunity to opt for any CBSE improvement Exam subjects for the exam, you can fill one or two or all five. If the student secures good marks in all subjects but one, he may want to fill the cbse improvement exam for that subject only which is good for him but if he secures average marks then he shall be considering filling all five subjects.

Obviously you can chose to fill your own choice of subjects but we suggest you to choose your CBSE improvement Exam subjects wisely. We suggest you to appear in all 5 main subjects for CBSE Improvement Exam. Why? because when you will pass in improvement exam, your improvement marksheet will have only the subjects you opted for the improvement and your older subjects will not be displayed on the new marksheet, which in the end leaves you with two marksheets which looks unacceptable to most people who don’t know about this exam.

CBSE improvement Exam subjects

CBSE improvement Exam subjects

Plus there are institutions who have their own policies for the students with CBSE Improvement Exam marksheets for example if you want to apply for BITS Pilani, then you must give improvement exam in all five subjects. When you opt for filling up all five subjects then your new marksheet will look more like natural having the traditional five subjects on it.

As our experience goes, many students are unable to get good marks in the improvement exam and they ask this question –  I have say 35 marks in physics  and 82 in chemistry in CBSE 2012 board and in improvement 2013 ive got say 96 but ive got 38 in chemistry, will my previous chemistry marks will be taken into account? The answer is YES but imagine what impression the result will have on the other person examining it, Its better to give all five subjects and prepare for all and let it be. What do you think?

266 comments / queries on “Which subjects to opt for improvement exam? – CBSE Improvement Exam Subjects

  1. When will the form for improvement exam will be available? Also, do I have to fill up the form from school or will I be able to fill it up online?

  2. Sir I have got compart in maths last year and now I want to give improvement. So can I give . Please reply sir

  3. The portal is open now. You can fill application from cbse personal website (www.cbse.nic.in)
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Is it necessary to appear in all five exams if we have applied for it in improvement exam or we can only appear in required subject to increase marks while we applied for all.

    And when the result will be announced and original marksheets.

  5. Suppose i apply only for one subject and got less marks than previous exam . Then, will my previous marks will be considered or the new marks will be considered.
    Means i wanna say that can my marks of that one subject on previous marksheet (having more marks than improvement) be considered’ after having less marks in that subject in improvement.

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