Admissions in CBSE class 11th explained

After class 10th exams, students are unable to decide which stream to chose and even if they chose one, by the time the result is out  the school force them to change it as their percentage is not high enough for it. This has been done for a long period of time till the grading system was introduced. Although criticized, this CCE board system has reduced the evil will of the schools to shove students into a stream based on their percentage. Now thanks to the grading system, most students get enough good grades to chose any stream they like, they no longer have to score greater than 85% to get science with computers.

It is good that the time has changed now but the schools are also forced to find a new way of allotting streams to the students which they either do by conducting a test after the boards for stream allotting or they allot it on the basis of the students pre-board/unit test result.

It is understood that some schools resort to practice of forcing students to change their subjects/streams in class XI after the class X results are declared and the students are often forced to change their subject combinations.

This is a very important issue as the student lose his precious time, money and himself in this. For their help High Court of Delhi has issued a notice to the principals of schools as a result of the case that was filed in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, and the brief facts of the case are that in a particular schools. on account of wrong calculation of the grade. a particular combination of subjects were allotted to a student subsequently, the said student was asked to pursue some other combination of subject. In order to avoid hardship to the students, on account of change of stream certain guidelines were given to the schools and will be followed by all the schools affiliated to the CBSE for dealing with such instances:

(a)          Schools shall not claim any fee from the parent/student for the past period and adjust the fee already deposited by him towards the fee shall be payable for the next period.

(b)         Schools shall make good the loss of classes in the commerce stream (or other stream/subjects) suffered by the student, by giving them special coaching classes without burdening them and their parents with any additional fee for the same.

(c)          Further, schools shall bear the burden of all the expenses, to be incurred by the students/his parents in buying a second set of books and study materials for the allocated subject/stream and reimburse them on the basis of the bills produced by them.

It’s good that students can chose any stream he like but its important for him to understand that if the stream he selected is really meant for him or not, students have to make up their mind and know where they stand even before you the board exams so that you take the extra classes of the stream you will eventually end up with as you know many schools follow the practice of starting class XI along with other classes in the month of April  before the announcement of the result of class X Board examination and accordingly allow them  to select the subject’s choice/stream in the new academic session to utilize the period before summer vacation for instructional purposes. According to the Hon’ble High court of Delhi this is a correct practice academically so that the children may remain busy with meaningful activities.

So chose wisely as your future depends on this very decision. Decide what you want to do in your life  and will the stream help you in it?

What do the 12th pass students think about it ? did your stream helped you or you wish if you could go back all the way back to class 11th to make a fresh start. Leave your suggestions in the comments and help class 11th students chose.

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  1. i have taken non board in my 10th from Kendriya Vidyalaya not iam not getting admission in private school is their any way please figure this situtation

  2. Dear Sirs
    My daughter Akanksha Das has passed class 10th with 8.6 CGPA from M/S Modern Convent School, Sec-4 , DWARKA, New Delhi , she is keen for science stream. The criteria for science selection in the school were a minimum of 8 cgpa, and B1 grade in science and maths (without upscaling grade). My daughter’s upscaling grade in science and maths are BI and BI respectively and without upscaling grade B2 & B2 respectively. The school has so motto declared its own stream selection and put my daughter in Commerce stream. To our utter surprise, the school has awarded Science streams to some other students with 7.8 and 7.6 CGPA with C1 grading in maths and B1 grading in science.
    Kindly advice on our future probable actions for securing science stream for my daughter.


    Bibekananda Das

  3. i have passed class 10th c.b.s.e board in dehi 2014 my marks is some not more only 70% marks i want to take science or commerce so please help me

  4. Guys please help me I am worried !
    I am suffering from Jaundice . I am having my 11th class first term exams right now. Still two exams are left. Should I give those two papers anyhow? Because I am worried that I may not pass 11th grade. First term carries 30% of the result and I only have 60% marks to score in which 20% are Fa’s 30% final exam. Will I able to pass my 11th ?? If I am not giving my first term exam worth of 30% marks? AND I WANT TO KNOW THAT IF I NOT ABLE TO PASS FOR SOME MARKS , CAN THE SCHOOL GIVE ME AVERAGE MARKING FOR First term exam ?

  5. dear sir/mam,
    i have not scored good marks in my first term how could i imaprove myself for CBSE BOARD exam to get PCM?????

    waiting for reply

  6. dear sir/mam,
    i have not scored good marks in my first term how could i improve myself for CBSE BOARD exam to get PCM?????

    waiting for reply

  7. I have taken commerce and maths in 11th which make difficult for me to concentrarte on other subject so can i change my subject from commerce and maths to commerce and hindi after SA1 exam.

  8. Firstly, I would like to praise the efforts of cbse into allowing students to take whatever stream they like by presurising schools to give the stream what the student likes. But actually this is not happening due to reasons such as parents are not aware of such laws/rules ,students and parents are scared to argue with teachers and principal because it might waste their lot of time and effort. Second reason most schools dismiss these rules .Third reason is parents don’t want to get involved in filing the case and then fighting it out. Fourthly schools are conducting so called pre board/practice exam to decide students stream . I would like to add here tht first of all students don’t get enough time to study for pre boards because it is much before nearly 1 month and half before boards and teachers have jst finished syllabus in the school not giving student time to study plus if we annalise the paper tht is set is not ncert based instead they ask tough questions including hots, vbq etc many u won’t find anywhere.
    I would like to clearly say tht it is students wish which stream to take not the schools they should think tht they will spoil someones career by doing this. They have no right to do tht plus think abt someone for eg a student wants to be doctor he / she opted for science with psychology but there are some problems in his / her home and she /he couldn’t concnentrate in 10 th so jst because of tht these school will not give them there stream choice. SHAME ON SUCH SCHOOLS . THEY JUDGE PEOPLE BY MARKS.

  9. my son is in 11th in Kota cbse school but now he has decised to leave kota, now what we do…can he get admission in another school in UP in 12th or what is the solution of this problem.

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