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  1. CBSE as a private candidate (class 12th)
  2. Subjects and subject codes for CBSE Improvement Exam and Private exam
  3. Fees structure and rest procedure of exam and admit card is same as CBSE Improvement Exam. Check regarding posts here.

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  1. Sir,

    I passed 12th CBSE English medium in year 2014-2015 with 56.6% overall and 54% in PCM from a regular school. Subjects are English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Physical Education.

    Also, I have given improvement exam in year 2015-2016 but I did not performed well in that too due to my poor health. Now I’m fit & fine and able study hard.

    My request to you is please reply & email the exact procedure to apply for CBSE 12th private exam and all the documents required to apply. Also, I want to give JEE exam. Is there any law which will affect my eligibility for JEE EXAM.

    And one more thing! My improvement exam marks sheet is lost by post office. If this mark sheet is required to apply for CBSE 12th private exam then please also tell the procedure to get a new mark sheet.

    I hope you reply soon as per your convenience. Your reply will be a great help for me.

    Thank You

  2. If your age is 18 years or older no teacher/tutor has the right to publish your marks on the net without your consent,or else you can lodge a FIR against him/her

  3. respected sir /ma’am
    i gave cbse 12 exam this year 2017. i m from humanities stream i scored good but not well in two subjects unaware that what might be wrong with my answer sheet and as re-evaluation process is no more continued by cbse i m in no way to know where i lacked and i really wanted to study in delhi university but with 88.6% . i can’t get admission in Delhi i want to give improvement exam but i m not sure whether do they consider improvement marks or not and after giving improvement exam does the subject for which i have given exam score changes or not ? do we get a new result card again? if not scored well in improvement then still the score will change or will remain the previous one?

  4. Why CBSE is not direct to improvement exam. Even it’s sept forms are not available online. It was said that form will come in August. And their website is poorest of all.

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