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We are committed to providing you with balanced, accurate information. Improvementexam.com employs editorial professionals who are responsible for content selection, development and maintenance process. We recognise the importance of maintaining a clear separation between our independent editorial content and any materials that are advertising or any content that may be influenced by our sponsors. We also have organised the operations of our website to provide for appropriate separation of our education and promotion programs from an editorial perspective. We manage our educational activities for our members, professionals and individuals who work on educational matters are not involved with promotional activities. All material on our website that we present as our own is either created by us or is obtained from content providers whose editorial processes we have evaluated and find to be acceptable. Material we create is written either by our staff writers or professionals and writers whom we commission. Our content has been evaluated by in-house editors and all submitted content is reviewed for fair balance and whether learning objectives are met by the content. Sources for third party editorial content include government agencies, not-for-profit organisations, universities, and key stakeholders that provide  related news and information. Our editorial staff reviews most content from outside sources for accuracy, balance, completeness and timeliness before we make it available on our website. In the cases where a complete review is not possible, we rely on spot-checking and our previous evaluation of possible sources of information and of the editorial procedures used by the information provider (for example, in the case of the use of government agency news releases). In most cases, content we obtain from others has also been reviewed by the provider’s own in-house staff, or subjected to review by independent authorities in the field. In some areas of our website, we make content available that comes from corporate partners and conference organisers. We design these areas to make it clear to the user that the content has not gone through our editorial process. Improvementexam.com reviews site content regularly to ensure that it remains relevant. Where necessary, content found to be incorrect or out of date is corrected, updated, moved to an archive (where it remains available), or purged. We can use editor’s notes to indicate when this has occurred. Although our best efforts, we cannot take the responsibility of any dispute that occours as this is not a official government website but we ensure that the content on this website is correct as per our knowledge. We do not collect any personal information of the visitors other than the email address and IP address only of those visitors that comment and we do not share this information with anyone else. This basic information of visitors is collected automatically by almost every website that exists today and is aimed to do so as to know and block a visitor in case a visitor post abusive content in the comments. We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this  policy or our website. Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected]